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Teeth-Friendly Holiday Foods

Food is obviously vital for the proper functioning of the body system. Without food, we cannot survive. Besides being a means of survival, the right foods can also help protect you from diseases and help you grow strong and healthy teeth.

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Not all food is created equal, though. Some foods are harmful to your teeth. For example, sugary and sweet foods are known to cause cavities and decay. You can prevent cavities over the holidays by prioritizing and serving teeth-friendly foods during your festivities. While it’s almost impossible to stay away from every sweet treat during the holiday, you should cut your intake to prevent toothaches while celebrating with your family.

Further, your teeth are crucial for many activities. They help you break down meals before going to the stomach for further digestion. When your teeth are in a bad state, chewing and eating become uncomfortable. Consider adding these teeth-friendly holiday foods to your list to improve your dental health.

Best Holiday Foods For Your Teeth

The best foods for your body also help your teeth grow stronger and healthier. Some also help prevent common dental issues, such as bad breath and plaque. While these meals cannot eradicate your dental problems, they can improve their state. Below are some of the best teeth-friendly foods for your holiday season:

  • Milk is an excellent source of protein. In addition, it protects your enamel while giving you healthy teeth. Also, this drink combats tooth decay, making it an essential addition to your holiday meals. Besides protecting the teeth, milk has many vitamins and minerals great for overall healthy living.
  • Nuts. Another great food for your oral health is nuts. Nuts are high in protein and minerals and are also known to fight tooth decay. If you love nuts, you should add them to your holiday meals. Additionally, they are also low in carbohydrates which is vital for losing weight.
  • Vegetables. Not everyone is a fan of veggies, but like it or not, they will prevent a host of diseases, even in your mouth. You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy meals with vegetables. Fortunately, there are numerous vegetables that you can add to meals to protect and care for your dental health. Many benefits come from eating fresh vegetables. For instance, carrots are great for saliva production and kill harmful bacteria.
  • Apples. Whether you love red or green apples, you can eat either to keep your teeth clean and beautiful. While there are many teeth-friendly fruits, apples are exceptional due to their benefits. After your meal, you can easily eat fresh apples to clean plaque and food leftovers stuck in between your teeth. In addition, apples are high in vitamins and increase saliva production, which helps prevent dry mouth, a condition that can lead to other dental diseases.

Happy Holidays!

Finding teeth-friendly holiday foods enables you to combat dental problems while enjoying tasty meals. We would love to care for your teeth at Premier Dental Center in Universal City. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us, and in the meantime, Happy Holidays!

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