A Great Deal for your First Visit: $59Cleaning, Exam & X-Rays

Dental Cleanings

Dental Check-Ups at Premier Dental Center Universal City

Dental Cleaning AppointmentIf you aren’t keeping up with your regular dental cleanings, then you could be in for an unpleasant surprise later. When you ignore your dental health, you’re more likely to experience a more serious dental problem down the line.

Why hold off on your dental check-up when you can pay just $59 for a cleaning, exam & x-ray at our office! Our family-friendly office has an experienced dental team, great patient reviews, and a comfortable, modern office.

You should be visiting the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and exam. At the appointment, the hygienist removes tartar and plaque from your teeth and gives your teeth a thorough cleaning. Then the dentist will review x-rays and examine your mouth for any issues. Keeping up with regular cleanings helps to ensure you won’t have a dental emergency later.

Preventing and Treating Cavities

Keeping up with regular check-ups and brushing and flossing your teeth daily helps reduce your risk of cavities. Unfortunately, cavities will still happen to many patients and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If you do have a cavity, we will typically treat that with a dental filling, which is a tooth-colored material that blends with the shade of your natural teeth. When you get a filling, we will numb the area of the cavity, remove the decayed enamel, and then add the filling.

At your cleanings, we also give you the option to get a fluoride treatment, which helps fight tooth decay.

Screening for Oral Cancer and Gum Disease

At your regular exam, the dentist will also screen for signs of periodontal disease and oral cancer. The dentist will look inside your mouth and may examine your throat and neck to look for any concerns related to oral cancer. We will also evaluate your bite (the way your top and bottom teeth fit together), as well as your jaw function, and look for uneven tooth wear that can be a sign that you grind your teeth.

Get Started With a $59 Exam, Cleaning & X-Ray

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Your First Visit to Premier Dental Center Universal City

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