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Dental Procedures During Pregnancy: What Is Safe?

pregnant healthy smilePregnancy forces women to be extra aware of their health and the things they do that impact their bodies. From the things they eat to the exercises they do or even the places they go (like places that allow smoking, or other unhealthy habits), pregnancy is a situation that gives women the motivation to double-check every choice they make to ensure it is the best for their baby.

Unfortunately, when it comes to their dental health, a recent study revealed that almost half of all American pregnant women skip the dentist until after the baby is born. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to the dentist and pregnancy, and at Premier Dental Center Universal City, we are ready to clear the air!

The Truth About the Dentist and Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most joyous seasons of life, and while you experience the happiness of waiting for your little one to arrive, there can also be a lot of difficulties. As your body changes to accommodate a new life growing inside of you, you may assume that everything is normal. This is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to the dentist and your pregnancy.

Not Everything is Normal

As you brush your teeth while pregnant, you may notice a little red in the sink. This is because your blood volume increases by over 50% while your baby develops. With the extra blood pumping throughout your body, the smallest blood vessels (many of which are in the mouth) can become stressed and burst with the pressure of your toothbrush. While this is a normal and common experience, swollen, tender, and bleeding gums can become serious.

At a normal dental visit, even while pregnant, it is important to tell your dentist about the excess bleeding and swelling of your gums. They may advise that it is normal, but not before they examine your gums and teeth for signs of gingivitis. Many women experience gingivitis during pregnancy, and in rare cases, this disease can progress to other severe diseases like periodontitis and bacteremia (a condition where bacteria enter the bloodstream). When bacteria enter the bloodstream, they can affect the uterus and baby. In extreme circumstances, this can cause preterm labor and birth.

Don’t assume your bleeding gums are normal.

Reasons to Skip the Dentist

There aren’t any. Your obstetrician will also recommend that you continue to see the dentist, and we hope that you take that to heart. Our team at Premier Dental Center Universal City is committed to the health of you and your baby, and we make sure that you are safe in our office. While bleeding gums are common, it is important for a dentist to examine you to ensure that it really is just a normal pregnancy symptom and nothing more.

We Will Care for You

Whether you are expecting a child or you are coming to us as a new patient, you can expect to be treated with professionalism and compassion from the moment you come to our office. New patients can be seen for their first exam, set of x-rays, and cleaning for just $59. We encourage you to schedule an appointment – and remember, there is never a reason to skip the dentist while pregnant . . . unless you are on your way to delivery!

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